Rising Star Studios produces high-end 3D animation, earning accolades and awards throughout the industry. The critically-acclaimed children's series Auto-B-Good has won five Emmy awards.


Auto-B-Good is the Emmy™ Award winning animated series that teaches great lessons in character development to children ages 4-10. Currently airing on Public Television stations across the United States and expanding around the world, this series is one of the most popular character education series today. Our Public School Edition is the hands-down favorite of educators and students alike and is utilized in over 4500 schools nationwide.

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Monster Truck Adventures

Monster Truck Adventures is a new animated series that entertains and teaches Biblical life lessons! Join Meteor and his friends as they roar over jumps and splash through gunk in everyday adventures at school and all over their hometown of Crushington Park.

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Ewe Know

The EWE KNOW series is full of irresistable, song-filled escapades featuring a wooly flock of sheep under the tender and wise care of the Great Shepherd. ALthough they mean well, our adventurers often stray into precarious situations which put them in the path of th ewily, but inept pack of wolves constantly on the prowl for a tasty meal. The ever-watchful eye of the Great Shepherd is always close by to steer them to the right path, protect them from harm and help them learn valuable lessons.

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